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Want FREE Invitations?

I mentioned a while back that I lost my job in April, over 2 months ago. I now spend my days not doing much of anything. While some of it has been fun, I’m BORED. So, I thought I would extend the offer of free invitations, announcements, place cards, etc. to my readers, family and friends!

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me, either via my personal Facebook (if we’re friends) or email me at lageorgiapaperie@gmail.com. You can click here for some samples I made up a while back. There isn’t a whole lot on the page, but it’s a start. Plus you can browse through my blog to find some of my other projects. I can pretty much do anything though, so just give me an idea and I’ll make it work! Also, if you know anyone else who might be interested, feel free to pass along my info.

To get the free invitations (or whatever you need) all you’ll need to do is purchase the supplies, which would be done through my Stampin’ Up! store. Use of my Cricut cartridges, Cuttlebug folders/dies and any other non-consumable supplies I have on hand would be no additional charge.

So, what do you say? Help keep me busy this summer!

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse any custom work I deem too time consuming or not in compliance with LGP standards. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If a project requires extra time, I reserve the right to charge a nominal fee per item.


Custom Save the Dates!

*If you’re interested in custom invitations or announcements, please email me at lageorgiapaperie@gmail.com. I would love to work with you to create a unique piece of art you will be proud to send to family and friends!*

So, I bet you guys never thought I’d do another crafty blog post, right? Well, here is one for you! Back in March I was commissioned to make my dad and his fiance’s Save the Date cards. They wanted something unique and elegant without all the clutter you tend to see on pre-made STDs. I think what we came up with really hit the nail on the head!

As you can see we went with a folded card look, as opposed to the postcard style of most STDs. The ribbon is holding the card closed, so to open the card, the reader simply slips it off. Underneath the ribbon is an embossed strip of paper to maintain the look of the card after the ribbon is gone. They’re getting married in Las Vegas, hence the suits edge punch for a bit of fun.

We kept the inside really simple, yet still providing all the information their guests need at this point. On a formal invitation typically I would spell out the date, but because their wedding date is so special, I think the “11.11.11” works perfectly! I also love the fonts they chose for their STDs. Two different font types can be difficult to work with, and only really work when one is a simple serif or sans serif font, and the other is a more formal script. I downloaded both fonts from dafont.com, which is where I get all my fonts.

They even let me “sign” the back of each card with my custom stamp! In fact, it was their idea :).

Here is a list of supplies I used to create these one-of-a-kind Save the Dates.

Cardstock (all by Stampin’ Up!)
-Cherry Cobbler (card base)
-Early Espresso (“save the date”)
-Very Vanilla (inside card)
-Brushed Gold (“save the date” shadow and accent strip)

-Stampin’ Up! 1/4” grosgrain ribbon in Early Espresso
-Stampin’ Up! ink in Early Espresso (LGP stamp on the back of the card)
-Sweethearts Cricut cartridge (“save the date” and shadow)
-Stickles glitter glue in Cinnamon
-Cuttlebug D’vine Swirls embossing folder
-EK Success Card Suits edge punch

I hope they ask me to make their wedding invitations too, I had a lot of fun working with them! And if you’re interested in any Stampin’ Up! products, please visit my SU! website here.

Thanks for looking, and I promise more crafty posts soon!

Dear Pregnancy Hormones

Thank you for taking the blame for my sob fest while watching the Jim and Pam wedding episode of The Office last night. Although between you and me, I cried the same amount the first 5 times I watched the episode (all pre-pregnancy). I owe you one!



A Royal Affair

Growing up I was taught to almost worship Princess Diana. In fact, hearing of her death is one of the moments in my life I’ll always remember where I was (I was in bed, and my aunt called the house and I somehow I could just tell what had happened despite only hearing one half of the conversation). And a few months after her death I was scolded for picking up a tabloid at the grocery store because “they” killed Diana.

Considering my history with the Royal Family, I almost felt obligated to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday morning. I woke up around 4am and caught most of the pre-ceremony coverage, including the arrival of most everyone to Westminster Abbey. I was tired, but it was such a cool event to watch, I’m glad I did it.

Of course the Princes looked very handsome, but I must say I’ve always thought Harry was much cuter than William. I thought it was kind of funny how both Camilla Parker-Bowles and Carol Middleton wore very similar outfits, but Camilla rocked it with that amazing hat!

When I first saw Kate Middleton I wasn’t so sure about her dress. But, looking at it more it grew on me, and now I pretty much love it! I LOVE that she went with long sleeves, how refreshingly different from all the boring strapless dresses we see these days. I’m usually not a fan of veils, but again, it was refreshing to actually see one being worn correctly, and to have a purpose on her head. I also loved how she wore her hair down… I think most women look 100x better with their hair down.

It was made public that Kate had a hand in designing her wedding dress, so I can’t help but wonder if her favorite movie is Father of the Bride… 🙂

While I loved Kate’s first dress of the day, I can’t say the same about the second one she wore for their dinner reception. The beaded band around her waist is just awful!

One thing I pretty much hated about the wedding, the decorations! The Abbey was lined with trees, in very odd formations. They looked like cheap trees you can just get at the Home Depot or something. I expected the church to have been covered in beautiful flower arrangements, which it was not. There were flowers above the altar, which in my opinion, looked like overgrown weeds. Kate’s bouquet was made from the same overgrown weeds. I understand that these flowers were from the palace and held significance to Will and Kate, but seriously? I expected a lot more for a Royal Wedding.

P.S. Kate’s sister Pippa also looked amazing in her dress, which oddly was white as well. But, Diana’s bridesmaids also wore white, so I guess it’s a “Royal thing.”

Feelin’ Blah

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I feel like a bad blogger. I’ve been busy with other things, and will catch everyone up soon. This afternoon I worked on the Save the Dates I’m making, 30 are completely done! I’ve got about 20 more to do, which is super manageable. While working on them I got through the entire first season of The Office on DVD (it’s only 6 episodes long) and a couple episodes of the second season.

For dinner I made an old standard, chicken stir-fry!

This time I was craving protein so I went heavy on the chicken. I used one large and two small chicken breasts along with white rice, frozen mixed veggies and teriyaki sauce. While cooking the chicken I also added some garlic powder to the wok.

Ant went to run a couple errands this evening, and he came back with these:

Two awesome flavors of Ben & Jerry’s… we’ve really been craving Vermont’s Finest lately! We had tried the Late Night Snack before, and it was just as good the second time around. The Red Velvet Cake was also good, but I felt like I was eating strawberry ice cream because of the color… and you guys know I have a problem with that. I wasn’t in the mood for mixing the flavors, so I opted to enjoy the ice cream in two mini bowls:

I work tomorrow but then I have the next three days off, so I am excited about that. I think on Saturday we’re going to a bar where a friend of Ant’s is playing. Other than that, I just plan on cleaning up the condo.

Don’t forget that I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, and you can order from me here.

Our Wedding Venue

Continuing with my wedding series, today I’m going to talk about our wedding venue!

Finding a wedding venue was definitely the most stressful part of planning a wedding in two weeks. When we first got engaged we went and looked at Alta Villa banquets in Addison. My step mom-to be’s family owns this banquet hall, and I had been there a few times for different events.

When we actually started planning our wedding, I didn’t even think of Alta Villa because I figured they would be booked the night we were holding our reception. So, we looked elsewhere. We ended up looking at a venue at the park district my FIL works for. The facility was nice, but they don’t offer food on site, so we would have also had to find a caterer. The woman we spoke with said that the room was available for the date and time we wanted. So, the very next day we faxed in our information. That afternoon we got word that the room wasn’t available at the time we specified, and wouldn’t be available until 8pm that evening. I called to speak to the woman who we had met with to give her a piece of my mind. “Conveniently,” she was out of the office, so I spoke with her assistant who had noticed the mistake. I didn’t go completely crazy with her, but I made it very clear how upset I was. She said she would try and see if there was anything she could do and would call me back.

Well, as soon as I hung up the phone I decided to just see if Alta Villa was available. Much to my surprise, they had one room available, so I raced over to the banquet hall to book it! Within an hour of hearing that our first choice wasn’t available, I had a different venue booked, I think that might be a record! It worked out better in the end going with Alta Villa, since all the food is included and we wouldn’t have to hire outside bartenders and bring our own alcohol.

Alta Villa also has on-site event planners, who were able to set up our reception space, which was one less thing I would have to worry about.

So, if you live in the Chicago area, and are looking to host an event, I highly suggest Alta Villa! I was really impressed with how well everything turned out considering the time constraints we had. And as a bonus, their food is ahh-mazing!

A Little Pep!

Hey guys! I feel that I’ve my posts have been lacking the past couple days, I’ve been busy learning about Stampin’ Up!, which has been going well so far (check out my business website here to see all the products and place an order!). I had to work this morning, and got home just in time for lunch!

I kept it old school with a StarKist tuna lunch kit. I used to eat these all the time! For all you WW’ers, the kit is 6 points. The kit comes with light mayo and some sweet relish, and to add a bit more flavor I added some of that creamy dijon mustard. Pair the kit with a dill pickle and a little box of rasins, and you have a delish and healthy lunch!

After lunch I was able to work on some Save the Date samples, but won’t be posting them just yet. If you’re interested, you can see some others I’ve made here. For dinner I made spaghetti squash again!

I made it basically the same way as I did last week, but had to use a jar of mushrooms since we didn’t have any fresh ones in the house. I also cooked the squash longer. This time I microwaved the whole squash for 14 minutes, cut it in half, and then microwaved each half for an additional 4 minutes. Cooking it longer made it a lot softer (and more pasta-like), but I think I could have even cooked it a few more minutes. Either way, it was tasty!

The real fun started after dinner, when I made healthy cupcakes! Well, relatively healthy anyways :). I got this recipe from A Hasty Life, check it out!

– 1 box of Duncan Heines Red Velvet cake mix
– box sugar free Jell-o cheesecake pudding mix
– Light Cool Whip
– 2 cups skim milk
– 1 cup Diet Dr Pepper (seriously!)

Mix the cake mix with 1 cup of Diet Dr Pepper

Spoon cake mix in to cupcake pans
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes

While cupcakes are baking, mix Jello-o mix and 2 cups of skim milk and let thicken in the fridge

Don’t they look ahh-mazing?

After they cooled, I topped the cupcakes with the cheesecake pudding and a little dollop of Cool Whip

The aftermath!

The cupcakes were great, I’m surprised I haven’t inhaled 10 of them by now! The recipe yielded 17 cupcakes for me, so I had to bake 2 different batches. One warning about the cupcakes, they fell apart really easily when we ate them, so make sure you eat them over a plate!

Currently I’m watching tonight’s American Idol on our DVR. I like a bunch of the contestants this year, I think it’s a pretty talented bunch, unlike last year. I can’t say I have a favorite just yet, but I’m really liking all the changes the show has done for this year. Keepin’ it fresh!

Are you guys watching American Idol? Who’s your favorite contestant so far?