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Dining Room Redo

Today we did some minor redecorating in our dining room. You might recall this is how it looked before. Here’s how it looks now!

Basically all we did was hang the two pictures up in addition to the plates that were already on the wall. I’ve had the Van Gogh painting for a couple years and knew I wanted to incorporate it in to the design of our condo, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I think it turned out pretty well! And the Eiffel Tower picture in the corner was originally in the craft room, but since that is being converted in to a little boy’s nursery it had to find a new home.

Now I just need to figure out how to make the bakers rack a little less… “college.”

I swear I really do know how to set a place setting! You wouldn’t know it though from my last two attempts at it. Oh well. I just wanted to show off my new placemats! When we first moved in together we I just bought some inexpensive cloth placemats from Target. Worst.Decision.Ever. OMG, those things were a nightmare. Since you can’t just wipe off cloth placemats when they get dirty (which, come on, is after every meal), you have to wash them in the laundry. The first time we did it we made the mistake of drying them, too. They shriveled up to nothing and wouldn’t lie flat on the table. So, we stopped drying them… and they never looked clean again.

So obvi we needed to come up with a different solution. Last week I ordered these Pimpernel placemats from Amazon and they work great! So easy to clean and should hold up well for a long time.


Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

So, I feel like I’ve been neglecting LGP! But, I definitely haven’t been neglecting my craft room! I have been in there almost every day this week either working on my pregnancy scrapbook, thank you cards or condensing and reorganizing. Yep, a lot of condensing and reorganizing!

Since little man will be here in about three and a half months (he will actually be considered full term exactly three months from today!) we need to get moving on this thing called a nursery. We’ve got the crib, changing table and dresser, but don’t have anywhere to put them quite yet. So, a major overhaul of the craft room is in order. Now, I’m not getting rid of everything in there, but I am reorganizing and getting rid of some stuff. We have a desk and bookshelf that is for sure leaving. And the TV stand is most likely going to be rolled out in to the living room and will hold our printer and other office supplies.

The decor of the room needs some changing as well. Currently I have a light blue, black and tan Parisian-esque theme. This would have worked perfectly had we been having a little girl, but alas, we’re not. This was the bedding I was going to get if we were Team Pink:

Central Park Bedding by Glenna Jean - Baby Crib Bedding - 39440

Ahhh, I love it! Oh well, maybe next time. It’s now time to “man up” the craft room! You can check out my other blog to see the actual bedding we went with. Here are some changes I’ve made so far.

My handcrafted wall decals had to go! I put these up a while ago but never shared them on here, I don’t think. I can’t recall which cartridges the crown and chandelier came from, but I’m pretty sure all the word art is from Gypsy Wanderings. I don’t have an after photo, but I took them all down the other night. The nursery set we went with has some pre-made wall decals you can purchase, so I might get those, or I can make my own using my Cricut again.

Now this is an after shot. I condensed my Cricut cartridges from three shelves to two so I was able to use the other shelf for storing more stuff. I used my label maker and labeled the bottom of all my cartridges so I can easily locate them and don’t have to spend a lot of time finding the exact one I need. I’ll probably put some stuffed animals of some kind on the top shelf. The little fleur-de-lis things will be painted black and moved to the living room.

I’ve also made some progress in the closet. So, things are coming along slowly but surely! Look for some more posts this weekend, I’ve got a few more craft projects to share!

Is That A Bump?

15 weeks 6 days


I think that might be the start of a baby bump! And it’s about damn time, too! It’s not much, but my stomach is definitely protruding a bit more than last week, and I am still down about 7 lbs. from my first OB appointment.

Our next doctor’s appointment is on Monday, and I’m super excited about it! I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again. I am also getting a bunch of tests done, so I’m sure that involves vials of blood being drawn.

I have a few more blog posts to get to tonight (or maybe tomorrow 🙂 ) and then I’m going to continue cleaning. Last week when we were cleaning the bathrooms we realized the shower cleaner we have kind of sucks, so we bought some new stuff that I am going to try out.

Gotta Get Down On Friday!

Friday night Ant and I ventured out to my old stomping grounds to catch a bite to eat at Labriola Cafe. This little gem, whose burger was voted as one of the best in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune, is in the same shopping center as the now defunct jewelry store I used to work at.

Gettin’ sassy

The cafe is divided in to a couple different sections now (they expanded the restaurant last year), and we ended up finding a seat in the bakery.

This photo doesn’t do their sweet selection justice, it’s intense!

Ant ordered the turkey burger while I stuck with my very favorite dish, the foot long grilled cheese.

Side o’ fries

Side o’ chips (which are far superior to the fries!)

It took a lot of willpower, but I managed to take half of my sammy home and had it for lunch on Saturday. After dinner we did a bit of shopping and stopped by Orange Julius on our way home. Orange Julius is relatively new to the Chicago area, but I’ve been enjoying them for years! When I was little every summer my family would travel up to the Pacific Northwest, and every trip I would insist on getting an Orange Julius to enjoy! I also had to go to Dairy Queen because the DQs in that area actually sold burgers and fries, something the ones around here don’t do.

Ant got strawberry and I got the traditional orange flavor

I spent all day Saturday cleaning our condo. It looks pretty good! I was able to toss a bunch of stuff I no longer want, which was a good feeling. I also dropped off the finished Save the Dates at my dads, so those should be going out soon :). And last night I finally started on our wedding albums! I decided to make two different albums, one documenting the ceremony and lunch reception, and the other for our big reception. My goal is to have them both finished by our first anniversary, which is pretty doable if I keep at it.

Don’t forget to enter the April Fools Day Blog Hop giveaway here!

A Hod Podge Day!

Whew, it’s been a busy day! I’m currently relaxing for a bit watching Sixteen and Pregnant (my favorite guilty pleasure of the moment!).

The day started out with me walking in to this mess in our kitchen right before I had to leave for work:

Grrrreat. I had no choice but to leave the mess until after I got home from work. Don’t worry, my floor is super clean now!

I worked until 1pm today, and when I got home 3 HUGE packages waiting by my front door. Normally when we get packages when we’re not home, the delivery guys drop them off at the leasing office. But since these boxes were so big, they just left them at our door. Any guesses to what was in the boxes? Our new dining room table and chairs! We put 2 of the chairs together tonight, and I’m in love with them! Once all the pieces are put together, I’ll share what it looks like.

For dinner we had frozen pizza, which wasn’t that satisfying. So, I concocted this little creation for a snack!

Artichokes are one of my favorite veggies, and I eat the canned artichoke hearts pretty regularly. I usually just add salt and pepper to them, but today I decided to try something different. I had a can of stewed tomatoes with onions and peppers, and added a few to the ‘chokes. I heated everything up in the microwave for about a minute, and I really liked it! The stewed tomatoes mix added a really nice flavor to the ‘chokes. I definitely recommend for a quick an healthy snack!

Rust be Gone!

I swear, I’ve done more than just writing blog posts today! When Ant and I moved in together at the beginning of November we bought an inexpensive (yet nice looking) silverware set and a Faberware kitchen knives set. Now, I’m not quite sure why, but nearly all the knives from the silverware set and the knives set got rust on them. My forks and spoons are fine, so it’s double weird since they’re all basically brand new!

Fortunately there is this little thing called Google, and it helped me get rid of the yucky rust!

Ewww… look at all those rust spots on my new knife!

Baking soda to the rescue! Along with a toothbrush and a splash of water.

I dipped the dampened toothbrush in to the baking soda and rubbed it on each knife for 3-5 minutes

Voila! Look how sparkling clean it is!

This method didn’t work 100% on each knife, but I was able to get most of the little spots off. I used it on my hand-me-down pizza cutter as well (the rust was in the middle where the screw holds it in place), and it worked really well on that.

If anyone has any idea why my knives got rusty so quick (I should mention they’re all stainless steel!), and has any ideas on how to prevent future rust breakouts, I’d love your advice!