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Dining Room Redo

Today we did some minor redecorating in our dining room. You might recall this is how it looked before. Here’s how it looks now!

Basically all we did was hang the two pictures up in addition to the plates that were already on the wall. I’ve had the Van Gogh painting for a couple years and knew I wanted to incorporate it in to the design of our condo, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I think it turned out pretty well! And the Eiffel Tower picture in the corner was originally in the craft room, but since that is being converted in to a little boy’s nursery it had to find a new home.

Now I just need to figure out how to make the bakers rack a little less… “college.”

I swear I really do know how to set a place setting! You wouldn’t know it though from my last two attempts at it. Oh well. I just wanted to show off my new placemats! When we first moved in together we I just bought some inexpensive cloth placemats from Target. Worst.Decision.Ever. OMG, those things were a nightmare. Since you can’t just wipe off cloth placemats when they get dirty (which, come on, is after every meal), you have to wash them in the laundry. The first time we did it we made the mistake of drying them, too. They shriveled up to nothing and wouldn’t lie flat on the table. So, we stopped drying them… and they never looked clean again.

So obvi we needed to come up with a different solution. Last week I ordered these Pimpernel placemats from Amazon and they work great! So easy to clean and should hold up well for a long time.


Closet Organization Project

While Ant and I were at Babies R Us a while back I saw these neat closet dividers. There are six in the set and each hanger had a different month written on it, so you can organize your baby’s clothes by size. I thought they were neat, but wasn’t willing to spend $10 on them.

So, I made my own!


I just took some cheap cardstock I had on hand and used the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge to cut on the letters and numbers. I used a 1 1/2” circle punch to cut the hole and then took my scissors to cut a slit in the dividers so I can get them around the bar in the closet.

Super simple to make, and best of all, FREE! Now I know these won’t last nearly as long as the ones you can buy in the store, but we really just need them for now to see how much clothing we have in each size.

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

So, I feel like I’ve been neglecting LGP! But, I definitely haven’t been neglecting my craft room! I have been in there almost every day this week either working on my pregnancy scrapbook, thank you cards or condensing and reorganizing. Yep, a lot of condensing and reorganizing!

Since little man will be here in about three and a half months (he will actually be considered full term exactly three months from today!) we need to get moving on this thing called a nursery. We’ve got the crib, changing table and dresser, but don’t have anywhere to put them quite yet. So, a major overhaul of the craft room is in order. Now, I’m not getting rid of everything in there, but I am reorganizing and getting rid of some stuff. We have a desk and bookshelf that is for sure leaving. And the TV stand is most likely going to be rolled out in to the living room and will hold our printer and other office supplies.

The decor of the room needs some changing as well. Currently I have a light blue, black and tan Parisian-esque theme. This would have worked perfectly had we been having a little girl, but alas, we’re not. This was the bedding I was going to get if we were Team Pink:

Central Park Bedding by Glenna Jean - Baby Crib Bedding - 39440

Ahhh, I love it! Oh well, maybe next time. It’s now time to “man up” the craft room! You can check out my other blog to see the actual bedding we went with. Here are some changes I’ve made so far.

My handcrafted wall decals had to go! I put these up a while ago but never shared them on here, I don’t think. I can’t recall which cartridges the crown and chandelier came from, but I’m pretty sure all the word art is from Gypsy Wanderings. I don’t have an after photo, but I took them all down the other night. The nursery set we went with has some pre-made wall decals you can purchase, so I might get those, or I can make my own using my Cricut again.

Now this is an after shot. I condensed my Cricut cartridges from three shelves to two so I was able to use the other shelf for storing more stuff. I used my label maker and labeled the bottom of all my cartridges so I can easily locate them and don’t have to spend a lot of time finding the exact one I need. I’ll probably put some stuffed animals of some kind on the top shelf. The little fleur-de-lis things will be painted black and moved to the living room.

I’ve also made some progress in the closet. So, things are coming along slowly but surely! Look for some more posts this weekend, I’ve got a few more craft projects to share!

Branch Decor

I should have posted this project eons ago, I think I finished it in March! Back in January I got this idea to make a wall hanging with doilies strung around a tree branch. I went outside and found the perfect branch. I had a pretty clear vision in mind and painted the branch black right away.

I played around with the doilies for a couple of weeks and just couldn’t seem to “make it work” (said in a Tim Gunn voice of course). I ditched the project for a while so I could come up with another game plan. Plan B came to me with  a vengeance! I decided to make the branch the focal point of the wall art. Here is what I came up with.

cricut wall art

The black vinyl “imagine” was cut from the Home Accents Cricut cartridge. And as you can see, a lot of different supplies went in to making the wall art. The silver ting ting wrapped around the top part of the branch was actually left over from my wedding decorations! I also used the Recollections mulberry paper flowers and pearl bling, along with a bunch of random chains and charms. Here are a few more pictures.

I should mention that the branch is in my craft room, right across from this wall art project I made. Now I just can’t wait to find out the sex of our baby so I can start making things for his/her room! Which, will be the craft room/nursery most likely. If we are having a girl like I suspect, I think the wall art I’ve already made would work well, depending on the theme of the nursery we chose.

Don’t forget to check out my Stampin’ Up! store here!

And keep an eye out on my other blog, The Accidental Wallflower. If all goes according to plan  I will be uploading my week 17 (eeek!) pregnancy vlog over there later tonight or tomorrow.

Our Living Room

We have another room tour for you today! Today’s topic… the living room! We definitely spend the most time in our living room, I’m actually in the room as I’m typing this post. And I must say, our living room is HUGE. I kind of wish it was about a foot or two narrower and that the bedrooms were wider, but oh well.  Here’s some pictures.

You’ve seen part of the bookshelf before, which I bought at Wal-Mart a couple years ago for like $30. When we moved we got the TV stand and cabinet from my grandma. I know the TV stand is supposed to go in a corner, but the corner (where the DVD holder is) really isn’t big enough for it, so in the middle of the wall it stays.

You’ve also seen the black chair before, which started out as a red chair in Ant’s apartment in college. The ottoman, couch and glass tables were from my dad’s friend (thanks, Ken!)… free stuff is good! Our awesome coffee table ottoman was a wedding gift (thanks, Rosemary and Vince!), which is from Target. Our equally as awesome coat rack was a Christmas present from my in-laws, and is also from Target. I made Ant the Mizzou fleece blanket a couple years back, and the smaller one is from Pendleton (a gift from my grandparents). The throw pillows and picture on the wall are all from Target (we actually purchased those ourselves, ha!).

Different angle of the couch area. You can see the wedding portraits we recently hung up as well as the wrought iron word art in our entry way.

It’s not the best living room in the world, but it’s ours, and I like it a lot :).

Our Second Bathroom

It’s been a while since I did a room tour, and I still have four more rooms to get through! Click here and here for my previous tours. We were fortunate to find a condo in our price range that has two full bathrooms. It wasn’t on our “must” list when we were looking, but it’s been wonderful to have. Especially since our master bath only has a shower, and you ladies know it’s soooo much easier to shave your legs in a tub! Here are some pictures of the bathroom.

I used the Home Decor Cricut cartridge for the vinyl wall art

I used the Cindy Loo Cricut cartridge to create the wall art in the frames

This was a difficult shot to get since the bathroom isn't that large!

I bought everything at Target, and I’m absolutely in love with the shower curtain! I don’t know if I would have ever thought to pair lime green and gray, but it works really nicely. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we have to keep the TP under the sink because a certain someone likes to play with it and tear it to shreds :).

Sunday Afternoon Redecorating

I had a lazy morning, and didn’t even get out of bed until around 11am, it was wonderful! After I woke up I immediately started working on another batch of Weight Watchers turkey chili. This time around I decided to add some more veggies. The original recipe only calls for red peppers, onions, stewed tomatoes and the beans. I decided to add celery, carrots and mushrooms to the chili. I also went a bit softer on the honey and a little heavier on the spices to add more flavor. With the added veggies the chili didn’t thicken quite as much as last time, but I think it definitely added to the overall taste, it was really good! Ant liked it too, and because of all the added veggies we have even more leftovers than last time.

A bit of sour cream and shredded cheddar completed the dish

While the chili was cooking in the Crock Pot, Ant and I got to hanging up some of our wedding pictures! I had purchased three really pretty frames a while back at Michaels for an incredible deal, and just printed out the pictures at Walgreens.

It fills the wall up much better than this picture depicts

Originally where the wedding pictures are I had some wrought iron word art. Since I like them so much I decided to move them to our entryway.

Words to live by!

The word art is centered on the wall, it’s the light that’s off center! Oh, and I have to brag and say that our screen door has been open all day! It’s been fabulous, hopefully we’ll be able to keep it open from now on.

Alright, off to enjoy the rest of my evening!