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About LGP

Get to know LGP

December 3, 2010

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting La Georgia Paperie. My name is Lindsey and I am 26 years old and live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband.

I was born in sunny Los Angeles and by the age of 4, I had lived and traveled all over Europe, Asia and Africa. By the time I was in first grade my family had settled in Wheaton, Illinois; where I lived until I graduated high school in 2003.

I attended college at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. Stephens is a small, private women’s college just down the street from the University of Missouri. It was during my junior year that I met my husband, who was studying at Mizzou, and just happened to also be from the Chicago area! Funny side note: about a year before we met, I randomly tuned in to Wheel of Fortune one day during Big 12 Week and continued to watch because I thought the boy from Mizzou was cute! I bet you can guess who that boy ended up being!

I graduated from Stephens in 2007 and started working at a jewelry store not long after. With the collapse of the economy, the store went out of business in April 2009, so I was lucky enough to spend 6 months on unemployment. In October 2009 I took a job with a marketing events company and stayed with the company for about 6 months until I found a part-time job as a bookkeepr for a craft retailer. So for the last 2 years I’ve been struggling to find a full-time job. If you hear of anything, let me know!

In June 2009 my husband and I got engaged. We had a long engagement, but only planned our wedding in 2 weeks (which I highly recommend everyone do, it worked out very well for us!), and were married on Friday, December 3, 2010.

We are currently trying to enjoy married life (our schedules tend to be opposite of each other most days) and are excited to see what life has in store for us in 2011!

My Paper Crafting Journey

My paper crafting journey began way back in 1999 when I received a blank Pioneer scrapbook for Christmas. Back then my scrapbook pages consisted of unevenly shaped photos, construction paper and Crayola markers. And although my layouts were lacking in the design department, I am thankful that I have my high school memories preserved in that ratty old scrapbook on my shelf.

During college, I scrapbooked on and off, but big chunks of time had gone unscraped. I had other priorities such as sorority functions, all-night study sessions, and the almighty Facebook. Although I did manage to make my now-husband a scrapbook for Christmas documenting his trip to Italy (which he had won on Wheel of Fortune!).

It took a trip to Cancun, Mexico in August 2008 to really rediscover my love of paper crafting. I had a couple hundred photos and numerous souvenirs just itching to be put on display. It took me about 3 months to complete the scrapbook, and when I was done, I just had to keep going!

I have been scrapbooking regularly since then, and started card making in the spring of 2010. In July 2010 my love of paper crafting hit a whole new level with the purchase of my Cricut Create and Cuttlebug machines.

July 2010 also saw the birth of La Georgia Paperie. With all of the projects I was creating, I wanted an outlet for me to share them with family, friends, and other paper enthusiasts. For those curious, La Georgia Paperie was inspired by my middle name, and my love of French culture.

Thank you all for visiting La Georgia Paperie and going on this exciting journey. Feel free to look at past projects and post comments around the site.



My old crafting space, new pictures coming soon!



6 Responses

  1. Hey Lindsey!
    I would love to have you join my blog crawl! And I’m happy to have found your blog! Would you mind sending me your email address? Mine is ashley.hasty@gmail.com

  2. just catching up on your blog and read your little bio — love it! you’ve had such an interesting life, living all over the world. and i LOVE that story of how you met your husband — hilarious that you recognized him from tv! it has been one of my lifelong dreams to be a contestant on wheel of fortune 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Lynz! It was pretty funny how I first saw him on WoF, he went all the way to the bonus round but missed the last puzzle, which was Hiking Boots. It’s a big joke in his family now and one of his cousins brought it up during a speech at our wedding, so funny 🙂

  3. Lindsey! Holy Crap! look at you go!

  4. Happy Holidays Lindsey! I have awarded you with a Liebster Blog Award. Here is the post for more details! http://southerncricutlady.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/liebster-blog-award/

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