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Ohhh Little One, Where Are You?

So, as you know, we had our 16 week OB appointment this morning. OMG… I felt like I suffered multiple heart attacks while at the office! If you watched my 12 week update vlog (watch it here!) then you might recall how it took our doctor a good 2 minutes to find the heartbeat. I also mentioned in the video how I thought finding it would get easier and easier with every OB appointment, because the baby is getting bigger. Apparently, that’s not the case. It took her a good 4 minutes this time to find it! CUE FIRST HEART ATTACK! I was half tempted to ask for an ultrasound, but that could have possibly lead to some devastating news I didn’t want to hear. But, she found it, and the baby is really low in my abdomen (like still in the crotch rocket region). Which is why she didn’t find it at first, she was looking up more towards my belly button. Ant said that even the doctor looked a bit perplexed when she couldn’t find it.

After she listened to the heart beat for a minute, she said, “Sounds like 116.” CUE SECOND HEART ATTACK! I look at her and repeat, “116?!?” That sounds awfully low, especially considering it was 165 last time. She then said, “No, 160.” OMG THANK GOODNESS. Our doctor said everything looks good, which was a big relief!

We then scheduled our anatomy scan! It’s not for another 4 weeks, July 18. I feel like that is soooo far away! But, that gives us time to prepare for this pregnancy to feel really real. After that appointment, we won’t be calling our baby “it,” we’ll be saying “he” or “she.” Well, more than likely “she,” I’m still totally convinced it’s a girl!

I also got about 8 vials of bood drawn at my appointment,  yikes! I don’t think I quite expected them to take that much from me! After the appointment Ant and I went to Trader Joe’s to do a bit of grocery shopping.

When we got home, we heard this high pitched noise coming from the parking lot across from our building. Look at what we found!

Little baby kittens! We went over to assess the situation and called animal control to see what they could do to help. Ummm… not much, unless we decide to buy a humane trap ourselves and take the kittens to the shelter. We took some cat food over to them and they just loved it! We only got pictures of these 2, but we saw 4 kittens and their mother, so they are most definitely feral cats. As much as we would love to do more, I think we’ll just keep bringing them cat food so they at least stay nourished.

Okay, now it’s time for me to get nourished!


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