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Oh the Pain!

(Knock on wood) My headaches have been very manageable this week. I stated taking out my contacts to sleep, and it has made a big difference. Don’t worry, I had the contacts that are FDA approved to sleep in! However, round ligament pains have started this week.

OHHH MAN… RLPs are the WORST. I currently only have them on my left side, but the pain is really intense. It feels like either I got sucker punched in the gut or that I pulled all the muscles on the left side of my abdomen. These pains make it very difficult to sit down/stand up, bend over, turn over in bed, etc. RLPs are really common in pregnancy and are caused by the uterus growing and stretching the ligaments. The cure? Childbirth. Apparently chiropractors can help relieve some of the pain as well, so I just might be looking for a new chiropractor soon… the one I used to go to is about a 45 minute drive from where we live now.

Another pain I’m suffering from today was self-inflicted. This morning in the shower I was shaving my legs and I cut myself no less than five times… five! I think this was only the 3rd time I’d used that razor too. It’s just a cheapy disposable razor, so I’m going to have to invest in a better system. One of the cuts I gave myself looks like a scrape, it took three band-aids to cover it up!

On a non-pain related note, I had my body scan at the dermatologist’s office. I have had two other scans, and both times I had moles removed. Most of the moles tested negative, but one did have some pre-cancer cells. My last scan was a little over two years ago, so I was pretty confident I was going to have to have a couple biopsies done today. Well… all my moles looked good! I was very pleasantly surprised. They did take photographs of four moles to see if they change the next time I go in, but that was a quick and painless appointment!

After I got home I didn’t have much time to make dinner (aka… I wasn’t really in the mood), so we ordered pizza from this place called Jet’s Pizza. We had gotten a coupon from them in the mail and decided to try it. It was freaking awesome!! We got their deep dish pizza with garlic flavored crust. We will definitely be ordering from them again!

Alright, off to watch more SVU on Netflix!


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