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So, along with pregnancy comes cravings. Yesterday I got my haircut (which I love!) and then went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner. Since finding out I was pregnant I haven’t felt much like cooking. I feel bad, but Ant said he understood. This week I’ve been feeling much better and decided it was time I started being somewhat domestic again. So, at the grocery store I bought all the stuff to make spaghetti squash.

While I was there, I decided I NEEDED chocolate. One little Hershey bar wasn’t going to cut it either. I wanted one of those BIG ones. Well, the store was having a sale on the BIG ones, and subsequently only had the kind with almonds, not my cup o’ tea. So, I picked up one of those six packs of Hershey bars. I ate one on the ride home and decided to store the package in my purse so Ant wouldn’t find them. No woman should be walking around with that much chocolate on her!

So, this morning we’re watching TV in the living room when Ant spies my purse… and chocolate. He then reaches in and pulls out the candy bars and asks, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” He wasn’t mad, but did start laughing when I sheepishly replied, “I wanted chocolate and I didn’t want you to see how much I bought.”

He just laughed and said he understood and that I didn’t have to hid it. He then STOLE one of my chocolate bars! Word to the wise… don’t ever come between a pregnant lady and her chocolate! Good thing I still have a few bars left :).

And… I might have felt the baby move last night! I know it’s SUPER early to feel anything, especially since this is my first child, but I felt a couple little flutters in the exact same spot where the doctor found the heartbeat with the Doppler on Monday. Exciting!

I also started a pregnancy vlog on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching them. WordPress is being weird and won’t let me insert the videos in to this blog, so click here to go to my channel to see all the vlogs. I started making them a day after I found out, but didn’t upload them until Monday.


One Response

  1. Haha, it must be “fun” to have an excuse for the chocolate purchases. I sometimes don’t want to tell Howard that I had a cupcake or donut at school from a kid’s birthday! If I have cravings, I’m totally going to satisfy my cravings if/when I get pregnant because like you said in the other update about the burger, I believe it’s usually because your body needs something.

    I once had such a strong craving for sushi that I was about to cry. I think I needed the protein or iron from that because when I had iron in another form, I felt better.

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