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Whew, do I have a lot to talk about! You might have noticed about the lack of posts in the past two months. There is a reason for it, I wasn’t just ignoring my blog to ignore it! On Monday, March 28, 2011 we got some news that changed our whole lives… WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

All I’ve wanted to talk about since then is baby stuff, but I wasn’t comfortable announcing it until now. As of today I am 12 weeks and 2 days along, just about 28 to go! Our estimated due date is December 3, 2011… our 1st wedding anniversary! However, both my brother and I were a couple weeks early, so I am hoping to continue that trend and have a November baby (the baby will be full term on November 12th). So now that we’re “out,” I’ll pretty much be dedicating my blog to our prenatal journey.

So far we’ve had two doctor’s appointments. Getting knocked up when I did worked out very well for insurance purposes. Ant had to wait 90 days to get benefits through his work, which put us right at eight weeks when we got our coverage (which is fantastic, btw!). So, since we’ve moved and it had been a while since I’d even seen the Lady Doctor, I just did some research on the internet to find a good OB. I wanted one that was convenient to our house, and preferred a practice that had a location at a hospital. I was lucky to find a perfect match… whose office is located in the hospital we want to deliver at, just ten minutes from our house. I really like our doctor too, she’s pretty laid back and just kind of tells it like it is… my kind of girl! However, I will be rotating through all the doctors in the practice because who knows who will be available when I go in to labor.

As far as symptoms go, I’ve had quite a few. The first one I got was extreme exhaustion. The three nights before I got the positive pregnancy test I went to sleep at 9pm and slept all the way until at least 6am (or later, if I wasn’t working). If you know me, you know I usually stay up until midnight or later. I started getting nauseous not long after I found out, but it seemed to subside around six or seven weeks. I thought I was in the clear… hahahahaha, ya right! Morning sickness officially hit on April 25th, which was also the date of my first doctor’s appointment. I think I threw up 4 times that day. That was definitely the worst of it, but I got sick pretty regularly up until about a week ago (knock on wood!). Food has also been my worst enemy. After the sickness started, I felt no need to eat anything. But, of course I still got sick. Currently I’m down about 6 pounds. My appetite is just now coming back, so I expect to fully explode to the size of a small cow in the coming months. Oh, and I have to mention that I’ve gone through AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF TYLENOL in the past two months. That stuff is a joke, it does NOTHING. But, I take it anyways (usually with a can of Coke because I think caffeine does more for me that than other sh*t).

Yes, you read correctly, I’ve been drinking pop. I gave it up last summer and was doing just fiiiine without it. Until now. My doctor ok’ed caffeine once a day or so, so I don’t feel too guilty drinking it. Plus, it really is great for headaches. And, it also makes my stomach feel better, so I drink Caffeine-Free Coke for that. And… I’ve eaten red meat. Ya ya ya, I had just passed my one year anniversary of being “cow-free,” but around my 6th week of pregnancy I was absolutely CRAVING a hamburger. Like seriously, that was all I could think about for two days. Google told me it was probably because I wasn’t getting enough iron, so I gave in to baby’s needs. I haven’t eaten it that much, but I have also enjoyed a Whopper and some beef tacos.

This morning was our second doctor’s appointment. We didn’t get an ultrasound, but we did get to listen to baby’s heartbeat… a strong 165 beats per minute! It took the doctor a while to find it because he or she is nestled comfortably on the far left side of my uterus. Our next appointment is June 20, where I’ll get a whole bunch of tests done. And then sometime in July we should find out if it’s a boy or a girl!!

Okay, that’s enough baby talk for now, how bout a picture? Here are our ultrasound pictures from 8 weeks and 2 days.

Click to see a larger image


9 Responses

  1. Oh My Gosh Lindsey! That is super great news! Congratulations! How fun it is to be pregnant :0) I never got sick with any of mine, sorry to hear that part. I went through major nausea but that’s as far as it went. Hugs to both you and Ant!!!!

  2. Wow, congrats!! That is SO exciting! Many blessings and prayers for a wonderful pregnancy and birth.


  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, congratulations Lindsey! When you’re ever up for crafting again after all this nausea and whatnot subsides, you can start getting ready for baby things! You should so totally do a Welcome Baby blog hop! I’m very excited to read and follow along on your journey!

  4. Congratulations Lindsey, that is soooooo exciting:) I always found that drinking a pop totally helped with any nausea too!
    Take care and enjoy all the little moments along the way…

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