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A Royal Affair

Growing up I was taught to almost worship Princess Diana. In fact, hearing of her death is one of the moments in my life I’ll always remember where I was (I was in bed, and my aunt called the house and I somehow I could just tell what had happened despite only hearing one half of the conversation). And a few months after her death I was scolded for picking up a tabloid at the grocery store because “they” killed Diana.

Considering my history with the Royal Family, I almost felt obligated to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday morning. I woke up around 4am and caught most of the pre-ceremony coverage, including the arrival of most everyone to Westminster Abbey. I was tired, but it was such a cool event to watch, I’m glad I did it.

Of course the Princes looked very handsome, but I must say I’ve always thought Harry was much cuter than William. I thought it was kind of funny how both Camilla Parker-Bowles and Carol Middleton wore very similar outfits, but Camilla rocked it with that amazing hat!

When I first saw Kate Middleton I wasn’t so sure about her dress. But, looking at it more it grew on me, and now I pretty much love it! I LOVE that she went with long sleeves, how refreshingly different from all the boring strapless dresses we see these days. I’m usually not a fan of veils, but again, it was refreshing to actually see one being worn correctly, and to have a purpose on her head. I also loved how she wore her hair down… I think most women look 100x better with their hair down.

It was made public that Kate had a hand in designing her wedding dress, so I can’t help but wonder if her favorite movie is Father of the Bride… 🙂

While I loved Kate’s first dress of the day, I can’t say the same about the second one she wore for their dinner reception. The beaded band around her waist is just awful!

One thing I pretty much hated about the wedding, the decorations! The Abbey was lined with trees, in very odd formations. They looked like cheap trees you can just get at the Home Depot or something. I expected the church to have been covered in beautiful flower arrangements, which it was not. There were flowers above the altar, which in my opinion, looked like overgrown weeds. Kate’s bouquet was made from the same overgrown weeds. I understand that these flowers were from the palace and held significance to Will and Kate, but seriously? I expected a lot more for a Royal Wedding.

P.S. Kate’s sister Pippa also looked amazing in her dress, which oddly was white as well. But, Diana’s bridesmaids also wore white, so I guess it’s a “Royal thing.”


4 Responses


    As far as the sleeves go, I love them too, but I think she is supposed to have sleeves because you can’t go strapless or whatever in those kind of churches (i think).

    i’m in love with her dress (and i feel like Pippa almost stole the show!)

    I hate her evening dress! I feel like it is a simpler dress than the first one, just took off the lace and the train. She should have gone with something a bit for fun (it’s a party after!)

  2. I LOVED Diana, too! I also remember where I was and how horrible I felt after she died. I sat up and watched the funeral for her and went to work the next day having to wear sunglasses because my eyes were so puffy. I couldn’t watch the wedding, it would just be too sad to me that she wasn’t there. But the pictures were so romantic and beautiful. I loved all of the beautiful (and funny) outfits!

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