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Here’s Lookin’ At You, Cupcake!


More cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop! This time Ant got us a Cookies and Cream and an Apple Cobbler cupcake. For dessert tonight I enjoyed part of the Cookies and Cream.

Crumbs are known for their super smooth texture... amazing!

It was good, but I don’t think that anything can beat the deliciousness of the White Hot Chocolate, which is a seasonal flavor (thank goodness too, otherwise I would request one every other day!).

Oh, and I’m sick. Full blown sick. It happens EVERY year at this time. I guess the one good thing about being sick this time around is that I won’t have to miss work… or not.

But speaking of not working, my unemployment claim went through, yay! I was worried it wouldn’t. I’m not getting much, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

Did you guys watch The Office tonight? Of course I did! It was kind of a fun tribute to the season premiere of season two (and no, I didn’t have to look that up 🙂 ). Although at the end of the episode the staff did the sweetest tribute to Michael Scott (Steve Carell) that involved the music from RENT (The Office+RENT=AWESOMNESS), so of course I cried like a little baby! I’m telling you guys, I’m not going to be able to handle Steve’s last episode next week!

I also just watched the preview for the new show The Voice (you guys can tell I’m sick, can’t you?). I’m actually pretty intrigued by it! I like American Idol (Scotty is sooo going to win this season) and The Voice seems different enough for it to gain an audience and work. I think the real premiere is Tuesday.

Alright, off to spend the next 24 hours (or longer) in bed trying to fight this damn cold. Ant is unfortunately coming down with the cold as well so we’re forgoing a family Good Friday get together tomorrow night. Hopefully we’ll both feel better on Sunday so we can go to Easter dinner with my side of the family.


One Response

  1. I haven’t caught up with The Office yet. I just watched the first epi with Will Ferrell yesterday. I thought it was funny when he said that Jim and Pam’s baby is the baby he doesn’t care about! Haha, personally, I don’t think Cece is that cute, but that’s a whole other story.

    BTW, I posted a haul video with a shoutout to you since you were the one encouraging me to get back to crafting a while ago! I’ve been doing it for the past 3 days. So fun!

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