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My Meat-iversary!

I meant to do a quick post about this nearly two weeks ago, but I forgot! I have been red meat free for over a year now! I had one minor snafu in December when I accidentally bought a sandwich that had bacon on it. I got about half way through before I realized it was on the sammy, but I immediately took it off after I saw it.

Guess what? I don’t miss it at all! The reason I gave it up in the first place was because I realized that I was eating too much. I had always been a red meat kind of girl… I hated chicken as a child! I started to eat more poultry after I graduated college, and now that I cook I have started to love chicken! Not to say I’m the best cook out there, but I can actually make chicken that has some actual flavor, which is where my aversion for poultry stemmed from as a child.

Here’s to another great red meat-less year!

One of my favorite poultry dishes, Crunchy Onion Chicken


2 Responses

  1. Ooooh, my daughter just made me that Crunchy Onion Chicken last week, and it was super-delish. The only thing we thought could improve it a smidge was to add some garlic salt to the recipe, it needed just a little something…. But it sure is tender and tasty, you’re right!

    Congrats on being red-meat-less. I’m a full-out carnivore, mostly because I can’t eat anything from the sea and I have no desire to be a vegetarian. But also because I love all things beef. Welllllll, almost all things beef. (Forget any ORGANS!!!) What I REALLY need to do is to go carb-free. My doctor advises me to eat only that which flies or walks or is gluten-free. Kinda is limiting!

    Happy eating!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    • Thats funny that you said that about the Crunchy Onion Chicken, I always add some garlic powder, it really bumps up the taste! I could never be carb-free, I love pasta and bread tooooo much!

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