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A Mish Mosh Of Stuff

Today I felt like a 45 year old woman checking out at Wal-Mart. Here’s why:

I hate the fact that I have to dye my hair. I actually really love the natural color of my hair, but a few months after I graduated college I noticed a few gray hairs (at 22 years old!!) and started to bleach my hair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to get it professionally done any more, so that’s when I became a “bottle brunette.” I like to use the semi-permanent color, but I also really wanted to try this new mouse hair color, which is permanent. I figured that because of the grays I’ll always have to dye it, so it doesn’t matter if it’s permanent or not.

I also stocked up on some Olay skin products. I actually really like Olay, which was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I got the Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion and the Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum. I started using anti-aging products in college to try and fend off wrinkles. So far I think it’s been working, but I haven’t used these particular products before.

I also bought a new tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. I bought the Hibiscus color. BAD IDEA. You know your lip color is wrong for you when your husband, who never cares about how your makeup looks, says that it looks bad, ha!

Tonight we went to Stir Crazy for dinner, yum! That is seriously one of my favorite chain restaurants.

Regular picture

This is how I feel about kissing pictures

After dinner we went to the grocery store to pick up some ice cream. I was hoping to find some Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack, but that was a bust. So I opted for the new Milk & Cookies, which was pretty good! But, while we were at the grocery store, I stumbled upon this ahhhhhh-mazing deal:

Vitamin Water for 48 cents each! Usually they’re at least $1.48 if not more. Sometimes I’ll find them on sale for $1, but I’ve never seen them for this price. So, obviously we had to get some! To take advantage of the deal you had to buy 10, so our fridge is pretty stocked up with VDub right now.

Right now we’re watching the first season of Community, and I think I’ll get to bed somewhat early because it’s my weekend to work. Have a great weekend!


One Response

  1. found a gray hair on my husband yesterday… haha, I pulled it out and got mad. Now I call him silver fox haha….

    i really think you look cute in these photos… that hair color is good for you!

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