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Cheat Day!

**If you’re here for the Red Hatters Blog Hop, click here!**

Today was a delicious food day, albeit a bad WW food day! For dinner Ant and I decided to try a local pizza joint that didn’t disappoint!

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you… it’s really TREE-Guys, not THree-Guys 🙂

My cheese and mushroom pizza (we also a BBQ chicken pizza)

Along with the pizza we got a side of spinach artichoke dip, which was yummy

While we ate dinner we watched Jackass 3D on Blu-Ray. It was pretty funny, the best was the bit with the airplane! Although I still like the first Jackass movie the best (besides that damn paper cuts skit, I can’t watch that one!).

After dinner we treked up to Ant’s old stomping grounds to visit the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop. Last week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Ben & Jerry’s introduced a new flavor in honor of Jimmy’s 2nd anniversary. The new flavor is called Late Night Snack, and its a vanilla ice cream with a salty surprise… chocolate covered potato chips! Ever since hearing about this unique concoction, I just had to try it! Thankfully the Ben & Jerry’s we went to had just a little bit left, the owner said it had been very popular. I got two scoops of LNS, and Ant got one, along with a scoop of Americone Dream (Stephen Colbert’s flavor). OH. EM. GEE. Late Night Snack was incredible!

Unfortunately I’ll probably see if it’s in the freezer at the grocery store next time I’m there

After we got home, Ant decided that he was still hungry, and decided that a jar of maraschino cherries would be a good idea.

This picture is ridiculous, there is so much going on! 🙂

I work tomorrow morning, and then I plan on working on some Save the Date/wedding invitation samples. Did you guys know that I make custom invitations? I currently have two clients, and am looking to expand my business, so if you are interested (or know someone who is) feel free to contact me at lageorgiapaperie@gmail.com. Alrighty, off to bed!


2 Responses

  1. Wow! I thought my husband was the only one that ate cherries straight out of the jar! LOL

  2. […] We’ve really been craving Vermont’s Finest lately! We had tried the Late Night Snack before, and it was just as good the second time around! The Red Velvet Cake was also good, but I felt like […]

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