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Blog Hop and Award!

Dusti from Scrappin’ With Cricut invited me to be apart of her blog hop on Friday, March 11! Thanks so much Dusti, I’m super excited! I’m not sure exactly what kind of project I’ll be making, but I definitely will be giving away some blog candy! Woo, my first giveaway! Presuming my YouTube channel doesn’t hit 150 subscribers before then (click here to subscribe).

I also received another blog award from Dusti, this time it’s the Stylish Blog Award. Again, thanks Dusti! With this award, you’re supposed to include some random facts about yourself, so here are mine!

1. I went to Stephens College, which is an all-women’s college in Columbia, MO
2. I tend to be a Negative Nancy (although I try really hard to just focus on the positive here on the blog)
3. At a concert in college I did a shot of Jagermeister with the lead singer of Lucky Boys Confusion
4. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I would choose red velvet cupcakes
5. We have baby names picked out, but we’re keeping it a secret until it’s written on the birth certificate (and NO, I’m not pregnant… yet 🙂 )

Okay, here is the fun part! I am passing both of my blog awards on to these wonderful bloggers!

1. Ant at Crisis Movies (is it a cop out to pass this along to the hubster?)
2. Lauren at Lauren Loses It
3. Jacquie at Bright Lights Big Cities
4. Rachel at Love And Sushi

There were a bunch of other bloggers I wanted to give the awards to, but they all had them already!

So recipients, now it’s your turn to pass on the awards!




One Response

  1. […] With each award you’re supposed to list a few random facts about yourself.  You can see some other random facts about me here. […]

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