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Remember When…. Play Along!

Okay, I’ve been doing this photo series for a couple weeks now, and now I am going to open it up to all of you, if you’d like to play along! There’s no set rules, just pick a minimum of 3 photos from your past that all have a similar theme, examples can be found here and here. I’m working on getting the picture at the top become a button, so stay tuned for that. But, you can link your site down at the bottom in Mister Linkey! Here is my Remember When… for the week!

Remember When… I parted my hair down the middle

High school picture! This was taken near the end of my senior year, alllll the way back in 2003. I actually really liked this haircut, and the center part is fitting for the style.

First I suppose I should address the 2-toned hair color. I made a promise to myself before I started college that I would stop dying my hair. It looked the worst my sophomore year, which is when this picture was taken. I would have kept that trend going longer after college but I discovered some gray hairs, and those just HAD to go! Okay, back to the picture at hand. This was taken at a sorority function, I think we were at a comedy club or something.

This was taken my junior year of college. No idea where I was going, or what I was doing. But as you can see, my hair is basically all one shade! Now, it’s no surprise I have some big features, eyes, lips, and worst of all, forehead. I really do have a fivehead, and a center part really accentuates it!

Fortunately halfway through my junior year I realized the error of my ways and started parting my hair on the side with a “swoop” bang, and have basically had the same style ever since to try and mask this darn fivehead of mine :).

Play along on your blog if you wish, and link it below! Your Remember When… can be about anything, but if you have some bad hair photos, I’d love to see them!



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