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Remember When…

Here is another “Remember When” post! This time I am remembering when I wore my pear shaped diamond necklace. Well, it’s not a pear shaped diamond, it is a bunch of round diamonds in the shape of a pear. I used to work at the jewelry store, and when we got that necklace in I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I had always wanted a pear shaped engagement ring (ultimately I went with a round, it’s much more practical), and this was the next best thing. Plus, with the ahhh-mazing discount I got at the store, I was able to get it for a very reasonable price!

I bought the necklace in December 2007, and the picture was taken just about a year later. Isn’t is pretty? It’s made of white gold and a half carat of diamonds. If I recall correctly, this was my very first diamond purchase. Since then, I’ve expanded my diamond collection to nearly 5 carats.

Summer 2009, not sure exactly where I was going before I took this picture.

March 2010, out to dinner for our 4th anniversary at this Mongolian BBQ place in Wheaton, Genghis Grill.

This was taken in August 2010, on my way to re-celebrate my 24th birthday, I didn’t realize the necklace was twisted around… oops!

I haven’t worn this necklace for a while, but it remains one of my favorites. Some of you might know, white gold isn’t really white, other metals are added to make it white, and then the finished piece is dipped in to rhodium to give it that bright white color. Rhodium doesn’t last forever, and my necklace is in desperate need of a rhodium bath.

Do you guys have a favorite piece of jewelry you hardly ever take off?


8 Responses

  1. My engagement ring 🙂 haha

  2. Just my wedding ring and the promise ring my DH gave me a little before that. On a side note, how lucky you are to look so terrific with both dark and blonde hair! I try changing my hair a shade and I look strange. LOL

    • That’s so sweet that you still wear your promise ring! And thank you for the compliments about my hair! I loved being blonde, but it was really expensive to upkeep, so I switched back to brown.

  3. Hi Lindsey – I meant to reply the other day when i read this post . For Christmas 2009 my boyfriend gave me a Tiffany & Co. necklace that I wear every day! He knows I love dogs – so he got me a dog bone shaped charm (its about an inch long and half inch wide) and engraved on the front it reads “Art ❤ heart (a heart shape) Diane" and on the back it has 2009. I have to admit – i AM waiting for a "ring" but in the meantime, I love this necklace so very much. thanks for the great post.

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  5. […] of jewelry that you own? This is a tough one! I love my pear-shaped diamond necklace I posted about here, but I also really love my wedding rings. {five} who is your best friend? I’d have to say […]

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