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V-Day Round Up

Ant with his cute little pot of Argo Tea at Stir Crazy

Last night Ant and I went to Stir Crazy, which is quickly becoming “our place.” Per usual, I had chicken stir fry piled high with mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, zucchini, yellow squash and garlic. On our way home we stopped at our local grocery store (which is so small and adorable!) for some apples, ketchup and mustard…which I’ll comment more on in a minute. We also went to McDonald’s for soft serve. I just got a plain vanilla cone, while Ant got a sundae.

Okay, so you all know we’re doing WW. Being a WW pro, I know that ketchup and mustard are 0 points, all the better to use them to add flavor to your meals! Ant doesn’t like regular mustard, so he asked me if dijon mustard was also 0. I wasn’t sure, so I picked up a bottle, and sure enough, it looked like it was. Then, he saw this Mild and Creamy Dijon, and asked about that.

I said with confidence that it had to be worth at least a couple points per serving. I mean, come on… the name has Creamy in it, always a word to stay away from when eating healthy, right? Well, to my total surprise…

Look closely… 0 calories! I could not believe it, especially since the regular dijon had 5 calories. And guess what? It’s delish!


5 Responses

  1. Yum, mild and creamy dijon sounds good! What brand is it?

  2. It may truly be the best mustard I ever had. That good.

  3. What a beautiful couple you make.

  4. […] kit comes with light mayo and some sweet relish, and to add a bit more flavor I added some of that creamy dijon mustard. Pair the kit with a dill pickle and a little box of rasins, and you have a delish and healthy […]

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