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Remember When…

Well, it’s now 7am, and I’ve moved from beyond tired to completely awake. Uggh, but I still feel like crap so I’m not going in to work. While laying in bed for the past hour I’ve been thinking of different ways to spruce up LGP. One thing I came up with was the “Remember When…” photo series. I’ve seen many bloggers do posts on old photographs, but I think I will include a few different photographs surrounding one similar theme.

Remember When… I Had a Tongue Ring

This picture was taken in March 2004 when I was a freshman in college. I think this was taken the day I got my tongue pierced, if not just a few days after. My tongue is blue because I used those Listerine dissolving mint strips, which helped with the pain from the piercing.

This picture was probably taken in March 2005, as you can see, I also had my nose pierced at this point. What a classy photo! 😉

January 2006, just before my 21st birthday. I was out with my sorority sisters celebrating a sister’s birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Columbia (which sadly was torn down just before I graduated)

Another classy photo, this one from September 2006, my senior year of college. Ant and I had gone out drinking that evening, and this was the aftermath after we got home. (And don’t get me started on why I thought 1/2” thick eyeliner under my eyes looked good!)

After I graduated college I took out both my tongue and nose rings. I miss them both, but I think I miss my nose ring more. After I took that hoop out I kept the teeny tiniest little rhinestone stud in, which was so cute! I keep saying I’m going to get it redone, but haven’t yet.

Well, that’s it for the inaugural edition of “Remember When…!” I’m not sure how often I’ll add to the series, but I’ve got a couple ideas in mind, so stay tuned!


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