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Blizzard Update

Late last night we went and peaked outside our building’s front door.

This morning I woke up around 6:10am, just in case I was going to have to work. I decided to take a shower, and then call the opening manager to see what was going on. By the time I got out of the shower, one of the other managers had texted me to say to hold off going in until I heard from the other manager. I heard from her about 7:20am, and she said I wouldn’t have to go in today, and that the store would be opening around 1pm. And just recently I got another text saying we would be closed the entire day. I’m off tomorrow as well, along with Saturday and Sunday, so this next paycheck is going to suck!

But, because I didn’t have to go to work today, I have had a nice lazy morning, here are some other pictures I took of the blizzard.

First things first… breakfast! This morning I made cinnamon sugar toast and strawberry milk. Nothing brings you back to your childhood like a snow day and a nostalgic meal!

Our parking lot, around 7:30am

The patio didn’t get nearly as much snow as I thought it would, I guess the bushes and balconies above helped protect it

We went back to see what the front door looked like in the morning

I got a kick out of that dog, he was having a great time playing in the snow drifts

Last night I mentioned that I was going to make a banner, and it turned out cute! We’re hosting a small Super Bowl, so the banner is to decorate on Sunday.

I used 5 different Cricut cartridges, including 2 off my un-used list: Independence Day (triangles), Plantin Schoolbook (circles inside triangles for the ribbon), Birthday Cakes (font) and the 2 un-used carts are Boys Will Be Boys (footballs) and Office Help (starbursts).

To make the triangle shapes, I used my Gypsy and took the triangle from Independence Day and put a .5” circle from Plantin Schoolbook in each of the top two corners. I think the banner turned out cute, and I might make a couple more decorations for Sunday.

Here is the updated un-used cartridge list:

Boys Will Be Boys
Easter 2010
-From My Kitchen
Home Decor
Indie Art
Just Because Cards
-Life is a Beach
Lyrical Letters
-Mother’s Day Bouquet
Nursery Rhymes
Office Help
-Old West
-Paper Doll Dress Up
-Sesame Street Friends
Simply Charmed
-Summer Vacation
Wrap It Up


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