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Now This Is Embarrassing..

I must confess, I bought another cartridge. But, this one was a mere $7! I got the Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut cartridge. What  a deal, right? I’m not sure if I’ll ever cut out the actual people, but the accessories on this cartridge are super cute, and I know I’ll use those. So, here is an updated look at my list.

-Boys Will Be Boys
Easter 2010
-From My Kitchen
Home Decor
Indie Art
-Just Because Cards
-Life is a Beach
Lyrical Letters
-Mother’s Day Bouquet
-Nursery Rhymes
-Office Help
-Old West
-Paper Doll Dress Up
-Sesame Street Friends
Simply Charmed
-Summer Vacation
Wrap It Up

I plan on doing some Valentine’s Day crafting tonight, so hopefully I can use another cartridge or two from my un-used list!


4 Responses

  1. how do you do if t Lindsey? Ever time I go the the store for a cartridge there are NO good deals. You seem to always get a steal….come on $7! Share please where do you go for your cartridges?

    • I didn’t know you had a Cricut Heather! I work at Michaels as the Price Integrity coordinator (part of my many duties at the store), so I know about the sales before everyone! The Paper Dolls one was actually one we used at the store, and corporate wanted us to get rid of all the old cartridges we don’t sell any more, so that’s how I got that one. Check ohmycrafts.com and customcrops.com, a lot of times they have really good sales on cartridges! And check out the crafts department at Meijer, they sometimes will have them on clearance!

  2. Yup I have the expression. My husband bought it for me this past summer. LOVE IT! Do you wanna be my little informant and let me know when Michaels is running a great sale!!!?? Lol!
    Thanks for the tips!

    • Awesome, isn’t is so fun!?! I will definitely let you know when they go on sale again! You might want to call tomorrow morning, the past 2 weeks they’ve had special $10 cartridges starting Sundays, I’m not working this weekend so I’m not sure if they’re doing it again this weekend. They go fast, so call early!

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