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Car Decal

Earlier today I got an email from my friend Tracy asking if I might help her family out with a project using Cricut-cut vinyl.

I’ve had 2 rolls of vinyl for a while and have been scared to use them in my Cricut. I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out. If I’m going to help out Tracy,  I decided I must face my fear head on and try it out! It worked so well!! I tried the white vinyl Ant bought me from Oh My Crafts along with my Potpourri Basket cartridge (one I have used before, so I couldn’t check it off the list) to create this cute car decal I had been wanting to make.

You can’t really see it, but my license plate holder is also Cricut-themed! I got it from the online Cricut Rewards program

I cut the Cricut Bug at 5.5” with my blade depth at 3, my pressure at 2 (low) and my speed at 3 (med). These settings will give you what is known as the ‘kiss cut,’ where the blade will only cut through the vinyl, and not the paper backing, to allow for easy removal of the vinyl. Like I said, it worked perfectly!

It was really cold out, and I wiped my windshield off with some Windex first, so it was a little wet still when I applied the decal, so I hope it sticks!

I don’t think I’ll make anymore car decals for my car, I like how it looks with just one. Unlike my previous 2 cars,  which I decked out in school and sorority decals! But, I just might have to make a Cricut Bug for Ant’s car to match mine :).


2 Responses

  1. That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted the Disney family car decals, but my dad wouldn’t go for it. Since I’m getting married soon, I’m hoping to add a cute one to the car I’ll be sharing with my fiancé. It’ll be fun to pick something from the Cricut!

    • This project was the only reason I got the Potpourri Basket cartridge, I wanted a little Bug Head car decal so bad!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for yours :). When are you getting married?

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