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Officially A “Z”

On Thursday I finally started the process of changing my last name… uggh. I really thought about not doing it, but Ant really wanted me too, and promised me a new cell phone if I did, ha! The first 2 stops of the day were surprisingly easy, the courthouse and DMV. I was in and out of the DuPage Courthouse in like 5 minutes! I had to get a copy of our marriage license to prove that I changed my name; I ended up getting 3 copies just in case. Then I went to the Express DMV in downtown Wheaton. My drivers license expires in a couple of weeks on my birthday, so it worked out well to go get it renewed and change my address and name. I was of course really nervous about getting a new picture, but it turned out well. Almost as well as my first drivers license picture. In that picture, I don’t know if I could have looked happier!

When I got my license for the first time, I had to wait 3 days after my 16th birthday before my dad would take me. Those 3 days were just AGONY! And when we finally did go, we had to wait in line for like an hour and a half before I even got up to the counter. But, it was totally worth it, and my picture proved that! My 2nd picture was okay. The only problem with it was that the lady at the counter told me to look up a bit. Well, I looked up A LOT. And, it was a bit of an awkward photo. But now, my 3rd picture is pretty good!

Practicing for my close-upAnd again

Plus a goofy shot for good measure!

The final product, complete with black marks!

After the DMV I headed up to Bloomingdale to go to the Social Security office. OMG… I waited in line for at least 45 minutes. But, my new social security card should be mailed in a few days. Then, I’ll just have to change my name at the bank and work, and I think I’ll be done!


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