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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We certainly did, despite the fact that Ant had to work allll day on Christmas!

Do you guys like my t-shirt? It is one of the shirts I got from Cricut Rewards, too cute, and appropriate considering we got married less than a month ago!

I can’t wait to get a cover for that ugly red chair! Hopefully we’ll make it up to Ikea soon to get a black one to match our decor.

We opened our Christmas presents to each other on Christmas Eve because like I said, Ant wasn’t going to be around for most of Christmas day. Ant got me a Martha Stewart edge punch, Martha Stewart pink bone folder, one of those Making Memories embellishment packs I talked about in the last video I made and he also pre-ordered the Mother’s Day Bouquet Cricut cartridge from this last Hello Thursday release. The Gypsy he got me back in October also counted as one of my Christmas presents, but he agreed to get it for me early so I could take advantage of the free downloads they were offering at that time.

Since I only work part-time I wasn’t able to get Ant as much as I would have liked this year. I half-way jokingly refereed to our wedding as a Christmas present, since it took so much work for me to plan such a great event in such little time! But, I also got him the new 2011 Madden football game for the Wii along with a gift certificate to this neat looking restaurant here in Roselle.

For Christmas Eve we went over to my in-laws with all of that side of the family. They always do a tradition where all the kids get gift cards for their gifts, and this year instead of just passing them out they all had to earn them by doing challenges based on the show Minute To Win It, it was pretty funny to watch!

Today I slept in a bit, finished putting together our dining room table, did some crafting and then went over to my dad’s about 8 o’clock. Ant got there about an hour later and we ate dinner and watched the Man vs. Food marathon on TV. Very low key, but it was nice.

One really good thing about getting married in December is that anything that doesn’t get knocked off your registry for the wedding comes off at Christmas time! We got quite a few things from our registry, so that was awesome. And my dad is going to get us a new TV, we just have to pick it out.

Here are a few other pictures from the holidays.

I like to take pictures of myself 🙂

We took a walk in the snow after Christmas dinner

I love this picture of us! Although I did have to PhotoShop out a big snowflake that looked like it was coming out of my nose!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you wanted!


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  1. […] also seen the black chair before, which started out as a red chair in Ant’s apartment in college. The ottoman, couch and glass […]

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