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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Z!

We did it! I am officially a married woman! It was surprisingly easy and stress-free, which allowed me to actually enjoy the day. Here is a rundown of everything that happened yesterday (mainly for my own recollections later, but feel free to read along!).

Ant and I woke up around 7:30 am, and waiting for me was a dozen red roses and a pretty diamond bracelet. We then ate breakfast and got ready for the day. We left for the courthouse around 10:30am and arrived a little after 11am. The courthouse in Wheaton only performs marriages on Fridays, and we were the 18th couple to register (I think there were a total 40 yesterday), so we didn’t get in front of the judge until around noon. With us at the courthouse was my dad, his girlfriend Rose, my grandmother, Ant’s parents, grandmother, brother and his girlfriend Hailey. We had Ant’s brother Rob and Hailey act as our witnesses. The actual ceremony lasted about 5 minutes, and then we had time to take pictures for a few minutes.

After we were married, we all went back to my dad’s house for a small luncheon reception. We had some wonderful h’ordeuvres and popped a couple of bottles Dom Perignon. After my dad’s, Ant and I went back to our condo and packed our suitcase for that evening and then played a game of Wii Jeopardy, haha!

We got to our banquet hall, Alta Villa around 5pm and helped finish setting everything up. Our photographers were also there, so Ant and I did our portraits as well. About 6:25 we went and hung out in one of the bride rooms until 7pm, when we were introduced. At 7:30 our wonderful buffet started. Alta Villa has amazing food, and they did not disappoint!

After dinner, the portrait background for the photographers turned in to a crazy photo booth, complete with goofy props! We also did our first dance together, which was a combination of Journey’s “Faithfully” and our own version of the YouTube sensation “Evolution of Dance.” Everyone was surprised when we broke out in to the EoD, and we had such a fun time rehearsing for it! Then Ant and his mom danced to the Beatles, and me and my dad danced to Beauty and the Beast.

After the traditional dances, our wedding turned in to an all out party! It was so much fun! We did the bouquet and garter tosses, and cut our delish red velvet wedding cake from the bakery called Deerfield’s.

We were at Alta Villa until about 12:30 and then headed up to the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg for the night. We ended up getting upgraded to a suite for the night, and it was so nice! We also got champagne and chocolate cake delivered to our room. This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Sam & Harry’s, which was just fabulous! So, if you’re ever in Schaumburg, the Renaissance is the way to go!

We checked out of the hotel at 3pm, and went back to our condo for about an hour to unload our car, and then headed back up to Schaumburg to go to Maggiano’s for dinner, followed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I liked the movie a lot, but like the first part of the book, some parts were a bit boring. I think the last one is going to be just amazing!

Ok, here are some pictures from yesterday, enjoy!

waiting to get married!
with my dad
Ant and I with our grandmothers
getting married!
my family
Ant’s family
the luncheon reception spread at my dad’s
showing off the Dom
too bad this is a little blurry, but its super cute!
family portrait with Pearl
the photo/guest book/place card table at the reception
the place cards I made
the tables featuring center pieces, table number, ornament favors and programs, all of which I made
Ant and I at our Sweetheart table during the reception
Our hotel room was so fancy it not only had a number, it had a name as well!
living area of our hotel suite
our hotel suite came with robes…
and a TV inside the bathroom mirror!
our champagne and chocolate cake
instead of normal chairs, Sam & Harry’s has super comfy couches to sit on
at brunch we got more of that delish chocolate cake

What a whirlwind of a day, but I am soooo thankful that it basically went off without a hitch and was able to fully enjoy every minute of it. I must say, planning a wedding in 2 weeks is the way to go!

I will update with more pictures soon as I get them in.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats congrats congrats!! Oh my gosh, you looked beautiful in your dress, with that pretty bouquet and I love your haircolor! You two look great together! Wonderful job on the wedding-whew 2 weeks! Wow. Best wishes!!

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