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Last Post for a While…

Hello everyone! This will probably be my last post for a while, because I’m moving officially tomorrow, and I’m not sure when were going to get the internet hooked up. We’ve got over half our stuff moved over to the condo already, so tomorrow we are renting a truck to get all the big stuff over, like the bed, dressers, couch, etc.

And I must say, even though we are trying to do everything on a budget, the condo is shaping up nicely! I can’t wait to show you all pictures when I’ve got everything in place. I will definitely be using my Cricut to decorate as much as possible because it is so inexpensive!

Although, last night I didn’t use my Cricut, but I did an awesome design project! I had this neat frame I bought at Target last summer that I really hadn’t done anything with. I wasn’t really sure what would look good in it, being that there were 9 different openings on the frame. But, I thought of the perfect idea, and it cost me under $2! As I’ve mentioned, our decor for the kitchen, dining room and living room (they all kind of flow in to each other, so it makes sense to keep the color scheme the same) is blue, yellow, white and black. So, to fill the frame I went on the internet and Googled yellow and blue designs and saved them to my computer. I then uploaded them to Walgreens’ website and printed them out! I love how it turned out, take a look!

Pretty neat, huh? You could totally do a similar project with either patterned paper or even fabrics. The bowl and napkin holder in the picture I found for $2 each at the Goodwill. I spray painted both of them black to match the kitchen. For some reason I have ALWAYS wanted a bowl of fake lemons in my kitchen, so when I saw that bowl at the Goodwill I knew it would be a perfect fake fruit holder!

Oh, and I got my Gypsy! Ant got it for me as an early Christmas present so I could take advantage of the 6 extra cartridges download (which just might be available in 20 minutes!). I haven’t had much time to play around with it, but it will definitely take some getting used to!

Ok, time to finish up packing for the night. Like I said, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post on my blog again, but I’ll definitely do Twitter and Facebook updates on how things are shaping up in Roselle!


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