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Can You Imagine?

Tonight is the official launch of the new Cricut Imagine machine on HSN. It starts at 12:01am. I’m going to try and watch, but definitely won’t be purchasing at this time, I just got my Expression!

From what it sounds like, the Imagine isn’t an Expression replacement. The Expression can still do some things that the Imagine can’t, and vice versa. The Imagine can only cut up to 11.5”, whereas the Expression can cut to 23.5” (with the correct mat), and the Imagine isn’t made to cut through heavier materials like the Expression can. But, for those of you who don’t know, the main thing the Imagine is capable of doing is printing images. Provo Craft has designed a bunch of new Imagine only cartridges that will have tons of different colors and patterns to add to your original Cricut carts.

Definitely an interesting concept, I am interested in seeing the response from all the YouTubers and online crafters to see if the machine is worth the hefty price tag (I think tonight it is going for around $499 or so).

Not only is the Imagine debuting on HSN tonight, it is going to be a 24 hour crafting extravaganza! My fave, Timmy Holtz, is debuting on the channel tomorrow. I’m working during his first run, but I should be home in time to catch his second show, but again, I probably won’t buy anything. And, there are rumblings around the Cricut message board that he actually has something coming out with Provo Craft. Wouldn’t that be amazing, an entire Tim Holtz inspired Cricut cart! I just hope its not one of the new Imagine carts. I would be surprised if he did really do something with PC, because he has a line of die cuts and a die cutting machine that is manufactured through Sizzix.

the new Cricut Imagine

Anyone else going to be watching HSN non-stop for the next day or so?


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