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Making an Envelope: A Project

The last card I posted, my Tri Sigma card is a true A2 size card, and I don’t have any A2 size envelopes. For most of the cards I make I use the pre-scored cards that you can buy in bulk at any craft store, and they tend to be a bit smaller than A2, and they all come with envelopes as well. I’ve had the Martha Stewart Scoring Board forever but I’ve never used it to make  an envelope before… until now! Here’s how I made mine.

Step 1: for an A2 size envelope you can start with either an 8 1/2”x11” or 12”x12” piece of cardstock or paper. For this envelope, I chose to use the same kraft colored cardstock as the base of my Tri Sigma card. You will also need a paper trimmer and the Martha Stewart Envelope Guide that comes along with the Scoring Board.

Step 2: For the A2 size card, you’ll need to trim your cardstock or paper to 8 1/2”x8 1/2” square.

Step 3: Score your cardstock or paper according to the directions on the Envelope Guide. For the A2 card, score 2 sides at 3”, and the other 2 at 3 5/8”.

Step 4: Fold all scored lines and then trim off the little triangles the score lines made so that the envelope won’t be quite so bulky.

Step 5: Fold in the 2 3” sides and add a strong adhesive (ATG glue works great).

Step 6: Fold up bottom piece and secure adhesive. And you’re done! I was a little intimidated about making my own envelopes, but it was really simple and quick!

Once you’re ready to  seal the top flap of the envelope, I would use just regular Scotch Tape or a sticker; something easier to take apart than the ATG glue! But, if you plan on making a lot of envelopes, you can purchase an adhesive specifically made for sealing envelopes.


2 Responses

  1. love it! I attempted to make an envelope earlier this year, but I guess I understand now why I completely failed! (your cards are lovely btw)

    • Thanks Jacquie! I’m sure there are other ways to make envelopes as well, check out YouTube, it’s a great crafting resource! I hope you’re enjoying your summer in the US!

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