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Attempting the Impossible?

When I bought the Cricut Create, I was under the impression that it had all the extra functions that the Expression does, just in “Baby Bug” size. Well, it doesn’t. It has most of the features, but not all. The one that I was really looking forward to was the multi-cut function. With that function, the Expression will go over a single cut as many times as you program it to. This is very helpful if you’re cutting thicker material, like chipboard or glitter papers.

Well, apparently there is a way to manually get the multi-cut function, and I tried it out today! Here’s what you do.

Step 1: I took some chipboard (well, it’s my free chipboard-like material from paper packs, which is similar to the packaging of a cereal box) and stuck it on to my Cricut mat. To make sure it really stuck, I taped it down a bit as well.

Step 2: Load cart (Stand & Salute this time!) and mat in to your Cricut.

Step 3: Adjust settings to: High Speed and Max Pressure. Blade depth was set at 6. I chose 2.5” for the size of my image. Cut your image.

Step 4: When the image is through cutting, instead of pressing Unload Paper as you normally would, press Load Paper, which will bring the blade back up to where you first stared.

Step 5: Press Repeat Last and Cut. The blade will trace over the already cut image to get an even cleaner cut.

Step 6: Pull off your image!

To compare, I cut the chipboard just once, and it didn’t cut out very well. I highly recommend this method if you have either the Create or Original, it worked great!

P.S. I also added a new Product Recommendation, it’s all about ribbon today!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much–I went to your blog & learned so much–I have the C Create & love chipboard so I really appreciate your pictorial regarding how to cut it w/ C Create!

    I also appreciate the info regarding how to get the mats sticky again.

    Thanks again!

    Your blog is now one of my favorites.


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