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Crafters Companion: A Project

I ordered this product called Crafter’s Companion from Custom Crops. Crafter’s Companion is a spray that will make Cricut mats sticky again! It is a 2 step process, using both the Stick Away spray and the Stick & Spray. Here’s a pictorial showing how to re-stick your mats.
Note: Do it in a well ventilated area, the stuff is kind of stinky!

Supplies you’ll need:
-Paper towels
– Gunky Cricut mat
– Scraper (I used the one from the Cricut tool kit, but something like a credit card would even work)
– Painter’s tape
– Crafter’s Companion Stick Away
– Crafter’s Companion Stick & Spray

Step 1:

Lay out Cricut mat over paper towels

Step 2:

Spray Stick Away over entire mat, wait 30 seconds

Step 3:

After letting the Stick Away sit on the mat for 30 seconds, take a scraper and scrape off all the adhesive. I did this step twice, just to make sure the mat was really clean.

Step 4:

Cover the edges of the Cricut mat with painter’s tape.

Step 5:

Spray the Stick & Spray all over the mat, wait 30 seconds,

Step 6:

Try it in your Cricut!

I cut out the sentiment from Just Because Cards.

I think that the Crafter’s Companion worked pretty well. Some of the adhesive pulled up when I pulled the paper off the mat, but the adhesive did a great job of keeping the paper in place while cutting. If you’re interested in purchasing the Crafter’s Companion sprays, Custom Crops has them on sale right now for $6.49 each. Just make sure you get the purple Stick & Spray, and not the red one, which is permanent.

I’ve heard you can also use the Aleene’s Tack It Over & Over glue I used for my rubber stamps. Next time I’ll have to try that way and compare the methods.


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